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Nov 24, 2012 2:00pm EST
will not even use the word marriage? >> it depends a william e. my liberal. if you are a libertarian liberal, as the cato institute is, they would say yes. if you are more of the state should create conditions for human flourishing, the answer is not simple. here is what i will say more broadly. one of the easy mistakes of the whole debate is an over investment in lesbian and gay people on marriage and family lot generally. most people who are in relationships are in relationships between different sexes. there are millions of them. they're wonderful. they produced a bolt of children. what goes on in family law is overwhelmingly what goes on in heterosexual relations this -- heterosexual relationships. it is moving in the liberal direction the way you are using the term. the theme of my georgetown article. it is moving every decade of my lifetime, family law. i think also family practice has moved away from the strongly sanctifying, sanctimonious relationship created by the state and make a limited by the state and marriage towards a more contractual approach. the colorado statute might be a
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Nov 24, 2012 1:00pm PST
-fire in the gaza strip. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton joined us earlier to weigh in saying it's no coincidence. >> he didn't wait but one day before moving here. so whether he had a wink and a nod from president obama or whether whether he felt emboldened in the wake of the cease-fire to believe the u.s. would not criticize him or do anything major to stop this power grab, i think we'll have to find out in the next few days. the timing is not coincidental. you can bet on that. >> heather: coming up the latest reaction from the white house to the turmoil in egypt. we will have a live report from washington. >> gregg: new signs of tough challenges ahead for gaza. number two leader of hamas now saying the group will not stop arming itself. a commented suggesting that indirect negotiations on the border deal could be very difficult. in the meantime, life at the gaza strip returning to normal after the week long strikes. tens of those of children heading back to school. cease-fire appears to be holding. conner powell with more on that. >> reporter: this is still fragile cease-fire.
Nov 24, 2012 8:45am EST
'd like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback, >> now on booktv, from the 17th annual texas book festival many austin, texas, robert draper discusses his book titled "do not ask what good we do: inside the u.s. house of representatives." this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm evan smith, i'm the ceo andy editor-in-chief of the texas tribune. i am pleased to be here with myt old buddy, robert draper, av veteran magazine writer and author whose latest book is "doy not ask what good we do." robert is a familiar face around these parts having spent thei meaty, early part of his career as one of texas monthly'sil marquee writers, in fact, us being up here together again ise kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage.rkey [laughter] eing a bit together again is kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage. he is currently a contributing writer to the new york times magazine and national geographic and a correspondent for gq. his previous books include dead certain and critically acclaimed biography of george w. bush, a comprehensive his
Nov 23, 2012 10:30pm EST
the united states has -- enforces policies on other countries. if the states and the u.s. were to go to legalization, are we going to get ourselves but the trouble with any international organization or treaties we have signed? >> i did not know much about the treaty arrangement that the regulation drug distribution but i did read an interesting article that said the greatest loser when it came to the legalization of marijuana in the state's where the drug growers in mexico. that is not a treaty arrangement but obviously an economic arrangement that may have some political ramifications beyond just drugs. >> the prohibition counterpart to that, i enormous amount of liquor came in from the u.k. directly to the bahamas. nasa was a town of 700 people before prohibition -- nassau was a town of 700 people before prohibition di. the colonial secretary of the u.k. at that time was winston churchill. we can imagine what he thought about prohibition. he called that a front to the entire history of mankind. . >> if you could talk a little bit about the importance of studying constitutional his
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am EST
to us by social media. @cspanwj. the conversation constantly going on on facebook -- we begin this morning with a look at the lead story in "the baltimore sun." pushed to speed of voting processes is the headline. he writes -- we want to find out from you, our viewers and listeners, your thoughts and remedies on speeding up the voting process. more from the article in "the baltimore sun." the article goes on to talk about a bill being proposed by virginia by senator mark warner. it says -- we would like to show you a little bit more about what the president had to say regarding voting lines and polling places. his thinking people and appreciating the time they had to wait in line to vote. [video clip] >> i want to thank every american who participated in this election. [applause] whether you voted for the very first time -- [cheers and applause] -- or waited in long for a very long time -- by the way, we have to fix that. host: we are talking about remedies to speed up the voting process. the first call comes from michael in oregon on the line for democrats
Nov 24, 2012 12:35am PST
for 30 years. and finally this week the u.s. unveiled a larger more convenient checkpoint at the border with mexico. and the mexicans unveiled a larger more convenient tunnel around it. very, very nice. we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. exciting. fun. thank you for watching. i appreciate you tuning in. we love it. what a great audience. thank you so much. [ cheers ] i appreciate it. it's been a crazy week. it's been a crazy week here in new york, and real quick, i'd just like to say the red cross has been great during hurricane sandy. you can help them by texting the word "redcross" to 90999, all right? and that will make an automatic donation of $10. it says, do you want to do it? you go yes. [ cheers and applause ] easy to do if you have cell phone service. please do that. because they need your help now more than ever. you can also go to and find other ways to donate. thank you so much, you guys. good to see everybody come together. [ cheers ] we're going to have fun tonight. we have an unbe
Nov 24, 2012 2:30pm EST
organization money. what is your pet? >> i think it is believe us, there is a gap in the united states and we have to provide the heroes who are serving kids in need with the resources they need. we need geniuses. they are not getting the education they deserve and the books that they need to make your imagination brings life and have an enriched life. this is a workforce issue, a health care issue, it is a civil reissue, people won't vote if they don't know how to read. we have to enrich from the bottom up. that way kids know they can have a chance and they can make a life for themselves. >> carol hampton rasco, what is your pitch? .. so we need to start early and we need to be ready to really pour the resources and that were discussed and said the earliest years, children being in a school setting where we can try to reach the best. >> president and ceo of reading is fundamental. what is your website quickly? >> riff got bored. >> and chief financial officer of first book and the website. >> first book. >> and we thank you both for being on book tv and talking about your readi
Nov 24, 2012 2:00am PST
. it doesn't fit anymore. >> by the way, charles crowd, as you and i know, used to be a speech writer for the aforementioned walter mondale. >> they must have some fish to fry. what's charles pushing? he is a neocon. his priority will be to make sure they have this very show show venice stick party. they need to appeal to hispanics and to figure out how to integrate all these different wings of the party in a way that expands beyond aging white men. their party has become a regional white old party. it doesn't cut it if anymore in america. that's what this election showed. >> can you, joy, see around the country. they did become pretty much a white party. that has to do with the fact we have an african-american president. there is going to be tremendous loyalty to him. the first person also benefits tremendously from group loyalties. here is the question, if we had had a white liberal running instead of an african-american liberal. would there have been more of an opportunity for the republicans to run an african-american and change things around that way? are they flexible enough to
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Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
developments around the world and will keep you up to date. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to let us know who you thought about this special edition of "on the record". keep it here on fox news channel. good night. ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, brian beckel, brian kilmeade, this is five fithe five. >> we hope you had a happy thanksgiving, today a black friday, the unofficial kickoff of the shopping season. and republicans had time to digest what happened and trying to figure out exactly what went wrong and i love this quote from haley barber, says we've got to give our political organizations a very serious probablictology exam. >> it appears to me that 3 million fewer votes were cast for mitt romney than for john mccain, it tells the party is splintered, it doesn't know if it's down ride conservative or the middle establishment or we really, they really need to find this, and remember this, that the tea party was born april 15th, 2009 on the heels of taxed enough already. every time you would talk
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Nov 24, 2012 11:30am PST
. some of us have been saying that for a long time. i think the failure of the media is that they do not accurately report on the history of the two movements and think don't that the palestinians and muslim radicals who say they want to kill all israelis and jews and get them out there, they don't believe it even though that's what they say. >> all right. coming up next on news watch, a twist in the coverage of the benghazi attack. >> we have seen wrong intelligence before and a lot of people were killed based on bad intelligence. >> reworked talking points on benghazi, getting attention from both sides of the aisle. will media attention add pressure to get the answers about who knew what and when? that's next on news watch. r. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10